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Hello, girls! We prepared a new collection of beauty hacks that will help to get prepared for a Christmas party! Every girl knows that being well-groomed requires a lot of time and money. Watch this video and you won’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror. You will learn how to make quick and beautiful hairstyles, how to curl your hair using pantyhose and more!
Besides, we prepared a cool selection of new beauty products that will help you to solve lots of problems. The first gadget is so cool! Have you ever seen a miniature washing machine for beauty blenders? It’s a cute gadget that will make your sponges perfectly clean. You will need to fill this adorable mini machine with water and soap, place beauty blenders inside and push a button. Moreover, it has a little hose to drain out the dirty water.
We know a cool solution on how to easily draw even and full brows. Brow stamps are a cool and pain-free option to try. Yes, it may sound funny but you will be able to achieve a perfect shape in seconds. You will love the result! Many girls have droopy eyelids and it could spoil the whole look. You can create temporary crease using eyelid tape. This product is highly popular in Asia and your eyes will look perfect as they will be bigger and more open.
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00:09 Quick and beautiful hairstyle
01:37 Gradient manicure
02:28 Quick curls
05:54 Pillow for office chair
06:53 Waterproof foundation

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Beauty Care


Look for these awesome beauty tools here: 😍


We look for brand new ideas which are aimed to help ease your existence and accelerate the wonder routine. My own mail to invest hrs while watching mirror, it’s easier to enjoy buddies or read a brand new interesting book rather. Within this video, there’s a awesome choice of new beauty items that may help you to resolve plenty of problems. Many individuals have droopy eyelids also it could spoil the entire look. You may create temporary crease using eye lid tape. The product is extremely famous Asia as well as your eyes will appear perfect as they’ll be bigger and much more open. Applying eye lid tape isn’t a tricky process and there is also a step-by-step tutorial within this video.

Drawing even and full eyebrows might be a disaster because it takes considerable time every day, but recommendations a awesome solution that could save you time and effort. Brow stamps really are a awesome and discomfort-free choice to try. Yes, it might seem funny but you’ll be able to attain an ideal shape within minutes. You’ll love the outcomes!

The following idea is amazing! Maybe you have seen a miniature washer for makeup sponges? It’s an excellent cute gadget that can make your sponges perfectly clean. You will have to fill this adorable small machine with soapy water, place sponges inside and push a control button. Furthermore, it features a little hose to empty the dirty water. I want it As soon as possible 😍

You might state that the following beauty appears like pure magic however a waterproof foundation exists and it is an ideal option for wet weather or pool party. You will not hesitate of rain, snow, sweat as well as your skin will appear perfect and glowing.

Your skin might have to go more dark on such places as joints. Dark elbows look awful but there’s you don’t need to get upset with this fact. We all know an incredible product that can help to resolve this issue. You can purchase a cream which will whiten your skin and take away the darkness.


00:09 Lifehack for any flat belly

00:26 Eye lid beauty Tape

01:00 Washer for beauty blenders

02:59 Pillow for chair

03:59 Waterproof foundation

04:31 Cream for dark elbows


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10 Strangest Beauty Products You’d Never Think Of Buying

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Beauty Items Which Are Seriously Unconventional That You’d Never Consider For Beauty.

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Individuals have been striving to become beautiful and keep a young appearance for hundreds of years. Due to this, the wonder industry went to great lengths to locate things that will meet these promises. Which means they need to think outdoors from the box, and often, it will get strange. Within this video, we’re considering a few of the craziest beauty items and ingredients available on store shelves an internet-based. Have you ever heard concerning the snail slime trend within the beauty world? Take it easy, because we’ll educate you on all you need to know. We’ll also demonstrate a highlighter that appears just like a certain funny emoji. Her internet going wild! Once you’re finished watching our video, make sure to inform us what you believe within the comment section below, out on another forget a subscription to TheTalko for additional awesome content!


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Watch Michelle Phan Unbox Newest Em Cosmetics Beauty Products | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

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Unsure in regards to you, but we have been awaiting this very day during the last couple of years! YouTuber Michelle Phan stopped through the Refinery29 studio to exhibit beauty author Mi-Anne Chan the most recent products from Michelle’s Em Cosmetics beauty line.

Lips, cheekbones, and liner, Michelle Phan has introduced us a really immersive products with gorgeous shades and matte finishes. Your own favorite was the eye liner, that was inspired by Michelle’s graphics background!

Watch because these two mix, match and alter these impressive new items!


https://world wide


Explore the craziest trends, most original treatments, newest products, and strangest subcultures within the beauty world alongside Refinery29’s own beauty author, Mi-Anne Chan. We dare to locate and check out the fringes of beauty — for much better or worse.


Refinery29 is really a modern woman’s place to go for how you can live an elegant, well-rounded existence.


You Need To Observe How These Nails Are Created


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Beauty Care


OMG. Today I am trying out an odd beauty product – The Braouns Smooth Smooth Comfy Perfection a.k.a Probably The Most PAINFUL BEAUTY PRODUCT EVER! It is a pretty ‘wtf’ product which kinda must be seen to believed. I DARE you to definitely check it out and share your reaction!

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Products used:

Smooth Smooth Comfy Perfection –



Camera – Canon 80D

Lens – Tamron 24-70mm

Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro

Music – Supplied by No Copyright Sounds


Tobu – Candyland

Tobu Roots – https://world wide

Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to be sent press examples of products in consideration for review. These items are marked (*) which denotes they’re PR samples or gifted/ goodybag products. Recieveing products from the PR does not necessarily mean an optimistic review will be presented.

All opinions are exclusively individuals by EM Ford. I just use products & cosmetics In my opinion in, and do my best to pay for a multitude of looks, incuding high finish beauty and cost-effective pharmacy choices for acne coverage. If you are battling to pay for any acne scarring, then take a look at my acne playlist! xx

Testing WEIRD Beauty Products! Does It REALLY Work?!

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Horse oil? Butterfly cocoons? I am testing some CRAZY & WEIRD Beauty Items! ♥ Thumbs up if you want #COOEIRD vids!

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Weird Beauty Items I Tested!

1. Horse Oil Feet Mask:

2. Loreal Colorista Hair Dyes:

3. Makeup Eraser:

4. Blackhead Silk Cocoon Remover:

5. Face Cupping System:

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Favorite Juice Beauty Product! – Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer

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Gwyneth Paltrow talks being brand-new to primers, and just what it had been like creating one as Juice Beauty’s Creative Director of Makeup for that brand’s PHYTO-PIGMENTS makeup collection.

Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS™ Illuminating Primer:

Lightweight, primer formulated without silicones with wealthy coconut alkanes within an antioxidant-wealthy, organic base of botanical juices infused by having an age-defying serum to light up skin, smooth lines & wrinkles and blur imperfections for any perfect complexion not to mention beautiful radiance.

Who Should Utilize It?

For those skin tones and for everyone who’re searching for any perfect complexion not to mention beautiful radiance.


Perfect base for those foundations.

Hydrates skin and controls oil with coconut alkanes & organic glycerin.

Blurs lines & wrinkles.

Antioxidant protection with Ascorbic Acid & E.

Well suited for all skin tones.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

Purchase here: